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Menstruation should not be about suffering. Yes, you read it correctly. So, what is happening with our bodies?

I used to experience bloatingbreast tenderness and irritability before my period started and then it was time for the menstrual cramps…However, for me this was simply normal. What I didn´t realize back then was that I was missing out some important information.

Now that I know how to feel better, I would like to share with you 3 tips, so that you can also improve your period symptoms:


1.Slow down

Our menstrual cycle has two phases: the follicular phase, between menstruation and ovulation, and the luteal phase. During the follicular phase we seem to be more open to the external world. In the second phase, however, we turn inward and become more introspective*. It is also during this phase, right before menstruation, that we need to slow down and rest**, but this is something that doesn´t fit into our schedule, right? Then we become irritable, for example, only because we continued living under stress, not respecting our organic rhythm.


2. Rethink your food choices

I consumed dairy all my life, but the more I read books about women´s health, the more I realized that maybe this was not the best option for me. For example, according to Dr. Christiane Northrup´s experience many women got relieved from menstrual cramps, intense bleeding, pain in the breasts and the endometrium when they stopped consuming dairy. Furthermore, refined carbohydrates, red meat and egg yolk are also related to the appearance of menstrual cramps*.

In my case, when I cut dairy and wheat off my diet I stopped experiencing bloating and breast tenderness, so this was a victory to me. Actually, your body is already talking to you, so please listen!


3. Stay hydrated

I realized that I need to drink plenty of water, especially some days before and during menstruation, so that I don´t experience menstrual cramps. It is something so simple, but that can make a huge difference! I also avoid alcohol as it contributes to dehydration.


Knowledge is power and from the moment I understood what I was doing wrong with my body, the unpleasant period symptoms were gone!


Nurture yourself,



*NORTHRUP, Christiane (1994). Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating physical and emotional health and healing. Rio de Mouro: Círculo de Leitores (ed.2009), transl.

**POPE, Alexandra (2001). The Wild Genie: The healing power of menstruation. Bedfordshire: Authors OnLine (ed. 2014).


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