Hello sunshine!

Headaches, digestive problems, trouble sleeping…Suffering in advance takes a toll not only on our body, but also on our mind and spirit. We want to be ready to deal with pain, but in most cases we end up suffering for nothing or, in the worst-case scenario, we suffer twice for the same reason!

There are several reasons to live in that state of anxiety and they depend on our fears which are, of course, unique. For example, we might suffer in advance while waiting for feedback about our work, when we feel unable to protect the ones we love or while waiting for the result of a medical exam. In fact, suffering in advance is often related to lack of self-confidence (“will they like my work?”), bad memories of the past (for example, someone who is dear to us suffered an accident or died when we were away) or even believing that when everything is too good, then something bad will happen.

I used to suffer in advance (sometimes I still do), but the more and more I realize how consuming this all is and for what? Nothing. The worst usually happens when we least expect unless we are always expecting the worst. However, this is living in suffering and our life is more than experiencing pain. So today i would like to share with you five tips not to suffer in advance:

1.Remember what you´ve achieved: instead of focusing on everything that might go wrong and suffer with this, think about everything that went right. By focusing on your victories you will feel more self-confident.

2. Be thankful: remind yourself every day about the positive things that exist in your life. When you wake up or before going to bed write five things you are grateful for.

3. Practice mindfulness: this Buddhist millennial technique consists of living in the present moment as I have told you before. When you suffer in advance you are focusing on a painful future that will probably not come! Mindfulness will help you focus on the here and now 

4. Exercise: physical exercise increases our feeling of well-being, due to the release of endorphins (neurotransmitters), and by demanding our focus we forget our worries for a while.

5. Distract yourself: try to do activities that give you pleasure, such as spending time with friends, going to a movie/play or going for a walk.


And you? What do you do to avoid suffering in advance?


Happy living,



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