Hello sunshine!

We are now in the countdown to Christmas and then it is the New Year! Are you already thinking about the delicious dishes that will be on the table? It is difficult to say “no” to them, right? Besides being super tasty, there is also the emotional connection. They probably remind you of your childhood, your grandmother…Eating them is feeling more connected to that happy time of your life.

During these holidays it is easy to eat more than we are used to and then we feel sick and guilty about it. So, what can you do to avoid this?

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day: it will help you stay hydrated, eliminate toxins and prevent you from eating when you are not hungry.

2. Add a lot of dark, leafy greens to your plate: holiday foods tend to be acidic (think about meat, sugar and alcohol, for example), so don´t forget to include dark, leafy greens. They are not only alkaline, but also a great source of fiber!

3. Eat fermented foods: they are filled with probiotics (beneficial bacteria), so you can add for example a forkful of sauerkraut, a teaspoon of miso or a umeboshi plum to your plate.

4. Finish your meals with lemon water: it aids digestion and it is also good for the liver*. As I explain in my book Back to NaturalI cut a lemon in four, put it inside a jar, add bottled water and leave it overnight, so it is ready the next day. However, if you are not at home just add a few drops of lemon to a glass of water (preferably warm) at the end of the meal.

5. And don´t forget to exercise: go for a 30 minute walk, do some yoga or rebounding. These are gentle exercises that can fit perfectly into your holiday schedule!


Have a wonderful Christmas!


Nurture yourself,



*POPE, Alexandra (2001). The Wild Genie: The healing power of menstruation. Bedfordshire: Authors OnLine (ed. 2014).


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