Hello sunshine!

It´s no news: water is fundamental to our lives. In fact, 70% of our body is comprised of water! So why don´t we drink enough water?

As I explain in my book Back to Natural there are several reasons for not drinking water like “I forget,” “my body does not demand it” or “water shocks the stomach.” Furthermore, the consumption of products such as coffee, black tea, salt in excess and alcohol contribute to dehydration. This takes a toll on our body with symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, irritability or menstrual cramps. And these are some of the possible short-term symptoms. Without enough water our body cannot get rid of toxins making us vulnerable to a number of diseases. So today I would like to share with you 5 ways to bring more water into your life:

1.Buy a flask (made of glass or stainless steel): it´s a practical and environmental friendly way to ensure that you always have water close by!

2. Flavor up!: if you don´t like the taste of water, then add some lemon slices and/or aromatic herbs like mints 

3. Drink tisanes: nature gives us so many options*! For example, flowers such as the ones of chamomile that are great for digestion, leaves like the ones of lemon grass that calm the nervous system or roots such as ginger a powerful anti-inflammatory

4. Eat soups: besides being a great addition to your diet due to the amount of vegetables you eat, they also keep you hydrated wiithout you even noticing!

5. Include smoothies: they are super easy to make! You only need a blender. To make a green smoothie you combine fruit, one good option is bananas, and your favorite greens, like spinach. Next you add water, mix everything and it´s done!


A (water) toast to you! 😉


Nurture yourself,



*If you take medication talk to your doctor first.


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