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September starts tomorrow, so it´s back to work for many people. It might seem counterintuitive, but summer holidays can be synonymous with extra weight. We end up eating out more often, drinking more alcohol and making an exception at the beach that suddenly becomes rule, in other words, buying an ice cream or a muffin.

Back to work the trousers seem to have shrunk. For a brief moment we might think that it was due to the washing machine, but when all trousers are tighter than before we suddenly remember what we ate (or drank) during the holidays…

I am no fan of diets because I don´t believe that starving or considerably reducing our food options is the best solution. So today I would like to share with you 6 steps to lose weight after summer holidays: 

1.Do more home cooking: cooking at home has numerous benefits because you are the one choosing the “dish of the day” as well as controlling the portion sizes which is fundamental to someone who wants to lose weight.

2. Eat more vegetables: start by including a vegetable soup in your meals. Furthermore, bring more vegetables in your plate. Ideally, they should occupy half the plate leaving the other half to protein (1/4) and carbs (1/4).

3.Include fermented foods in your diet: fermented foods, like sauerkraut, are not only very beneficial to your intestines, but also help reduce sugar cravings.

4. Move: practice at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Walk, run, do rebounding, go to the gym. Choose the exercises that you enjoy the most to keep your motivation going.

5. Cut out sugar (but not sweet): even if you don´t want to lose weight I would advise you to cut out sugar from your diet because it doesn´t add any value to your organism, on the contrary. As I have explained in my book Back to Natural, sucrose is empty from a nutritional value perspective. Furthermore, it disturbs blood sugar levels because it enters very quickly in the bloodstream, and in the long term it steals from the organism minerals and B complex vitamins*. If you want something sweet then let fruit become your #1 choice. You can eat fresh fruit or dried fruit, such as dates or prunes that are delicious all by themselves and great to sweeten a dessert. Honey can also be an option if you consume it with moderation. As you can see, quitting sugar is not synonymous with deprivation!

6. Reduce alcohol consumption: alcohol contributes to weight gain when consumed in excess. Holidays, heat and social interaction are the perfect formula to drink, even if we don´t realize this, one day a beer, the other a glass of wine, a cocktail (with the plus of being made with soda or juice) in the following day or maybe all these drinks consumed in less than 24 hours. Try to reduce alcohol consumption not only due to weight, but also because alcohol is toxic to the liver and steals from the organism minerals and B complex vitamins*. 


In case you want more support in losing weight, contact me through the email info@natachamoitinho.com . As a health coach I guide and help people who want to lose weight in a healthy way.


Have a great first day at work!



Happy living,



*POPE, Alexandra (2001). The Wild Genie: The healing power of menstruation. Bedfordshire: Authors OnLine (ed. 2014).


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