Hello sunshine!

Lentils, pinto, peas, chickpeas…What are your favorite beans?

Beans are a great way to include vegetable protein in our diet. Besides being versatile in the kitchen (you can prepare from soups to desserts) they are also rich in iron, B-complex vitamins and fiber. 

However, some people have difficulty digesting beans and may get:

  • Gas
  • Intestinal problems
  • Irritability
  • Foggy thinking

If this is your case, then today I would like to give you 6 tips next time you cook beans:

1.Soak beans overnight or, if you have more time and patience, soak them for several days changing the water twice a day until the beans start to sprout and then cook them

2. Use a pressure cooker that will also cut down on cooking time

3. Season with unrefined sea salt only at the end of the cooking (if you do this at the beginning beans will not cook completely)

4. Add kombu seaweed at the beginning of the cooking. Besides aiding digestion it speeds up the cooking process and it raises its nutritional content

5. Add cumin near the end of the cooking to help prevent gas

6. Try to see how your organism reacts to different beans. For example, smaller beans are easier to digest such as lentils, adzuki and peas


So what´s your dish for today?


Nurture yourself,




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