Hello sunshine!

For many, many years I suffered from constipation. What was I expecting?

  • I didn´t drink enough water
  • I didn´t have a diversified diet
  • I didn´t exercise

Basically I was not paying attention to my body´s needs, but fortunately this situation changed when I moved to the Azores. Here I adopted a new way of living, as I explain in my book Back to Naturaland my body started showing signs of being happy with my new habits.

If you also struggle with constipation, then I would like to share some simple tips with you based on my experience:

1. Diversify your diet: by doing this you are taking advantage of what each food has the best to offer

2. Eat foods high in fiber: for example, my secret formula for breakfast is a bowel of porridge with a piece of fruit and flaxseed or chia on top!

3. Stay hydrated: don´t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

4. Squat: the squat position is great if, for some reason, I can´t go to the toilet. Next time you are constipated, try to squat for a few minutes and see how your body reacts

5. Exercise: if you spend the day working in front of the computer, like I do, it is super important to include movement in your life. I find walking and rebounding to be very helpful!

6. Meditate: it might seem odd, but stress and anxiety can cause constipation. Your body needs to relax, so what can you do? Bring meditation to your life and see how you feel!


I hope you find my tips useful and feel free to share your experience with me!


Nurture yourself,



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