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Are you travelling a lot these days? 🙂 The airplane is, without a doubt, one of the favorite means of transportation during summertime because it´s quick and safe. However, anyone who has to spend long hours inside an airplane suffers with that: pain in the legs, dry mouth, foggy head…This is why I am sharing with you today 5 tips if you are looking for well-being on board:

1. Hydration: according to WHO, humidity levels inside the cabin are usually low – less than 20% – while humidity at home is more than 30%. This is why it´s important to keep drinking water during the flight (at least 1 glass per hour) and avoid consuming drinks that dehydrate us such as alcohol, coffee and black tea. In case you use contact lenses, wear glasses instead during the flight to avoid eye discomfort. And don´t forget to apply an hydrating lotion on your face

2.Comfort: wear comfy clothes and shoes while traveling, meaning no tight jeans and high heals! And if you can, choose natural fabrics which are more breathable

3.Digestion: looking for a way to spend time on an airplane? Eating is of course the answer or…I guess not. Did you know that with the change in altitude our digestion gets compromised? The ideal is to eat a couple of hours before your flight and then to choose lighter foods, such as fruit while on the clouds

4.Movement: to avoid having your feet swollen practice small movements such as stretching and flexing your legs and twisting your feet. Try to stand up every hour and walk in the corridor (if you can choose a seat near the corridor and not the window)

5.Techniques: as the plane descends the pressure rises in the cabin and your ears suffer with that. Try using one of these techniques to unclog your ears, more precisely the Eustachian tubes:

  • Valsalva maneuver: close your mouth, pinch your nose and breathe out through your nose until you hear your ears popping
  • Toynbee maneuver: pinch your nose, take a sip of water, swallow it and repeat this process until you hear your ears popping
  • Lowry maneuver: close your mouth, pinch your nose and swallow saliva until you hear your ears popping


Ready to fly? 😉


Nurture yourself,



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