Hello sunshine!

Have you ever thought about what do you want to accomplish in your life? Or do you prefer going with the flow? For many years I chose the second option, thinking that the right opportunities would simply appear. However, we only know if they are, in fact, the right opportunities when we are really sure about what we want.

Do I want to get married?

Do I want to have children?

What career would make me happy?

Do I want a busy city life or a calm country life?

Time never stops (it is actually a bit scary to say “oh, yes, I did this and that ten, fifteen, twenty years ago!) and that is why I decided that I needed to focus, to clearly identify what I want for my life, but not just in general terms. I mean, what I want in different areas of my life – for example relationships, career, lifestyle – and how do I see myself in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 years from now. I thought carefully about this and I wrote everything down.

My next step was to create a vision board. This is basically any sort of board where you display images and also words (if you want) that represent what you wish to accomplish.

Every day, after doing a meditation of love, that you can learn in my book Back to NaturalI visualize my life some years from now, like I was living it today. I smile. After opening my eyes I look at my vision board and I take a deep breath.

I am the captain of my life.


Happy living,


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