Hello sunshine!

I confess. I have a mini trampoline. I bought it two summers ago because I wanted to start exercising at home, but at the same I was looking for something that appealed to me and that kept me motivated (well, this was the most difficult part). As I explain in my book Back to Natural, rebounding seemed the most interesting option. This is because rebounding:

  • Fits perfectly into any schedule! Whenever you find some time just jump to the equipment and start rebounding for as long as you want/need (I do it at the end of the day for 20 minutes)
  • Can be done inside or outside if the weather is good
  • Is an effective aerobic exercise*
  • Is nonviolent to the body*
  • Increases circulation*
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage*
  • Tones the organs including the endocrine and reproductive systems*
  • Does not require much attention. You can do it, for example. while watching tv
  • Is fun! I love feeling the push back! Actually, Beringela (Eggplant) and Feijoca (Runner Bean), my two female dogs, love it too!


So, are you ready to start rebounding?


Happy living,



*NAISH, Francesca (1991). Natural Fertility: The complete guide to avoiding or achieving conception. Burra Creek: Sally Milner Publishing (ed. 2012).


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