Hello sunshine!

Christmas is almost here, time for lunch and dinner parties and…worries. If you have dietary restrictions (for example, you can´t eat gluten or dairy), then this can be a challenging time trying to find a balance between social interaction and our body´s well-being.

First of all I would like you to know that isolation cannot be an option in order to have a healthy diet. In fact, it´s important not to forget that our health and well-being also depends on the quality of our relationships which includes spending time with family and friends. So what are my recommendations?

1. Plan your meal: talk with the host beforehand. Explain him/her that you have dietary restrictions and that´s why you would like to know which food options will be available. By doing this you will be able to plan what you´re going to eat

2. Don´t appear on an empty stomach: eat something before leaving home. An empty stomach increases the likelihood of eating the first thing you see and which is probably not the best one for you

3. Bring your own dish: agree with the host that you will bring a dish. Cook something you enjoy, according to your needs, and then share it with the other guests.They will get to know other dietary options and, who knows, even enjoy them!

4. Don´t blame yourself: this time is for joy, so don´t blame yourself if for some reason you skip your diet. In order to balance this, choose to have light meals on the following day, giving special attention to fruit and vegetables


Oh, and of course, regardless of dietary restrictions don´t eat until you burst! Yes, we know this can be quite common during Christmas holidays. My advice? Follow the 80% rule: eat until your stomach is 80% full. This will help you have better digestions and, by the way, is one of the secrets of longevity.


Merry Christmas!



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