Hello sunshine!

When I was little I liked to surprise my mom and dad with something “tasty.” I had a cooking book for children where I learned to make different dishes without using the stove. When they arrived home from work and saw what I had done, they would smile and nothing would make me more happy.

But as time went by I started loosing interest for cooking. I don´t know if there was one reason or more for this to happen. Nonetheless, one thing I remember is rejecting the typical association of women and the kitchen.

I spent years like this until something changed. While I was studying to become a health coach I felt that I would be more professionally complete if I “made peace” with the kitchen.  I admit that I was not very convinced in the beginning, but I pushed myself a bit and decided to prepare lentils. So what was the result? It didn´t go bad, but it could have gone better. 🙂 Either way, I didn´t get discouraged and continued experimenting. Suddenly I was cooking lunch every day.

Time went by and, without even noticing, I regained the pleasure of cooking.

1.I love cooking because I love eating healhy: homemade food, plant based, minimally processed, without sugar, organic whenever possible, whole, diversified.

2.I love cooking because I love eating tasty food: besides eating healthy I want to feel pleasure and this is the challenge I embrace every day. For example, when it comes to vegetables the secret is seasoning, without a doubt. Things might not always go right, but this is part of the process. After all, we are cooking live and there are many variables at stake. 😉

3.I love cooking because I love feeding the ones close to my heart: for years I couldn´t understand what this meant. I thought that cooking was a burden, so I would run away from the kitchen whenever possible. However, without I even noticing it, something started to change when I began cooking. And then suddenly there was a “click.” I remember one day looking at my boyfriend, while he was eating, and feeling truly happy for having the opportunity to feed him. It was then that I realized what it meant to cook for/with love.


What about you, do you love cooking? 🙂


Nurture yourself,




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