Hello sunshine!

My name is Natacha Moitinho, I´m a health coach and yoga instructor. I live on an organic farm in the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, composed of nine islands.

Let me tell you a secret: I am living my childhood dream. What I wanted most when I was little was to live on my mother´s island and finally I am here. This was (and is) my paradise! Summer holidays in the Azores were my favorite time of the year. I loved coming here amazed by the freedom, the ocean, the nature…But  then I grew up and started thinking it was nonsense what I wanted in my childhood. After all, what did I know? Actually a child knows quite a lot as she is thinking free, without prejudices.

Years passed by and it seemed the choices I made were pushing me away from that childhood dream. First I received a degree in Social and Cultural Communication and later on I earned a Master´s Degree in Women´s Studies which gave me the opportunity to work as a trainer and auditor in social responsibility and gender equality.

It was only when I was 30 that I moved to the Azores to live with my boyfriend, today my husband. Up until that time I was focused on my work, but then I came to realize the importance of love in my life and that it was time to build my home. Either way I must admit that in the beginning I was a bit skeptic about staying in an island. However, the truth is that I had already lived in different countries and deep inside I knew that if there I had found my way I would also adapt to the Azores.

It is a great privilege to live the life I wanted! But throughout my life many doors were closed making me feel sad and disappointed. Later I understood there was a reason for that: to see other doors open, such as my volunteer programs. They gave me the opportunity to work in 3 distinct countries (India, China and Cape Verde), meeting unforgettable people and gaining new, life-changing perspectives.

Things do happen for a reason and this is also why I am where I am today. Here I finally opened my eyes. I had spent life focused on other things and neglecting what I was doing to myself daily, from eating poorly to not exercising, and my body “said” enough. What was the result?

  • Weight fluctuation (from anorexia to excess weight)
  • Constipation (I though it was chronic)
  • Frequent headaches
  • Anxiety

Here I adopted a new way of living. I started eating better, with more variety and according to my specific needs, cooking (yes, me!) simple and quick meals, exercising the way I love, using anxiety management techniques, among other changes.

Here I also wrote the book Back to Natural about my journey and later I decided to become a health coach and yoga instructor so I can help you achieve your own health goals. Yes, the good news is that you don´t need to live on an island to feel happier and healthier. You just need to be willing to make some changes in your life, according to your needs and desires that are, of course, unique.

I am here to help you along this journey of self-love and empowerment.


Nurture yourself,



In Dughera village, state of Rajasthan, India (2007)

In Barrod village, state of Rajasthan, India (2007)

In Yuxi city, Yunnan province, China (2008)

In Santa Luzia Island, Cape Verde (2011)

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