Hello sunshine!

When I was little I loved snorkeling in the Azorean sea. I used to spend the entire summer holidays here, basically 3 months of pure happiness! There I was, going for a swim with my yellow mask and my snorkel in search for white stones (a rarity here) and other sea treasures. I was so focused on this treasure hunt that I wouldn´t even notice what was happening around me or time passing by. It was just me and the sea.

Then I grew up and I started loosing interest in snorkeling. I don´t know very well when this happened, but when I became aware it was already in past. Many years later I came to live in the Azores. This decision changed my life, as you know. I started having more time which allowed me to tune in with myself and to understand what I wanted and did not want for my life. I thought about my childhood and in what made me happy. I remembered the white stones I used to collect and that I took to my grandmother´s house. There was not enough space for so many stones! But my grandmother would smile and keep them because the weight was such that I couldn´t carry them to Lisbon.

Today I no longer collect white stones. Unfortunately the little pier of my childhood is gone and a marina is there instead. My treasures are now green ormers, sea urchins shells, whelks…Time stops as it used to. It´s just me and the sea.

Happiness is in the small things.


What about you? What did you enjoy doing in your childhood?



Happy living,



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