Hello sunshine!

Here on the farm we have two dogs: Beringela (Eggplant) and Feijoca (Runner bean). They entered our lives in different ways: we chose Beringela, Feijoca chose us.

Beringela is the oldest, a 2-year-old beagle. We opted for this breed because of the size, short hair, and for being sweet and cute. Beringela is all that and more: independent, stubborn…and a fugitive. One of her favorite hobbies is to run away from the farm. And, by the way,  she has a prior record as a chicken killer. Beagles are hounds so what were we expecting, right?

Feijoca arrived at our farm last April. One day Hugo (my boyfriend) went outside and saw her beneath his car. We tried to find her owner, but with no luck. Eventually we got attached to Feijoca and decided to keep her. We don´t know her past and she has no breed. However, the only thing that matters is that she is a big friend of ours and a fast learner. Actually she was the reason why Beringela stopped peeing at home. Finally some peace of mind!

They are both so different, but I love them equally.

Beringela and Feijoca are like sisters, so they learn from each other. However, Beringela being the oldest has some control over Feijoca. In practice they run away together! They have done this for a couple of times, but the last one was simply too much.

While we were watching tv Beringela saw the door open by accident and used this opportunity to run away, followed by her faithful companion, Feijoca. When do you think they came back? It was not after dinner for sure or going to bed. We woke up and still no sign of the two little fugitives. I was trying not to worry, but it was getting harder and harder not to think that the worst could have happened

Beringela and Feijoca only appeared at around 10 p.m., more than 24 hours after going missing. I was so relieved and happy when I saw them! I just wanted to hug them! However I had to control myself and they only saw my disappointing, not-so-friendly face. We don´t know where they have been, what they have done, but at least they were alive and well, but also hungry and thirsty, dirty and looking “guilty”.

Finally they are home.


Happy living,


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