Hello sunshine!

One of the things that makes me happier is helping someone. This is why I did volunteering and this is also why I am a health coach.

Giving rides is something I really like doing here on the island – not only it´s safe, but I also meet people from all over the world. What a blast of fresh air!

I also know very well what hitchhiking is…I spent many hours waiting for someone to stop, even when raining very heavily and being on the verge of despair. And no words can describe the joy we feel when a stranger decides to help!

This summer, however, I still hadn´t had the opportunity to give a ride. Until today. Today, when I was leaving the town, I met a couple of foreigners who were asking for a ride: he was German and she was from Taiwan. I remember paying attention to the happiness I was feeling while I was with them. For a moment I thought “they must be thinking I am a bit weird, like, why is she so happy?”, but what can I do? Small things make me happy.

Helping does not always involve big acts. Sometimes little gestures such as a smile or a “thank you” are the ones making a difference in somebody´s life. 


Happy living,



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