Hello sunshine! 

My book Back to Natural will soon be published and after writing it I just thought: what´s next?

In my book I talk about my life and the changes I made to be happier and healthier. However life is always on the move. I continue facing different challenges and learning new things, so I needed to find a way to keep you informed.

I finally decided to start a weekly blog. I will share with you tips and advice on health and well-being, but there is more. You will also get to know the adventures in the farm of a city-raised woman.

I hope you like my blog and you find it useful. Oh, and please don´t forget to leave a comment!


Nurture yourself,


Simples & Saudável

O Teu Guia Na Cozinha

Recebe GRÁTIS e AGORA um conjunto de receitas simples. saudáveis e saborosas e muito mais! Vou passar também a enviar-te as melhores dicas para teres uma vida mais feliz e saudável. 

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