After a few years working as a health coach and practicing yoga I decided to give one more step forward and became a Hatha Yoga instructor being certified by Associação Europeia de Terapias Orientais. 


And if you are thinking…

“I don´t have body to do yoga…”

“To do yoga I need to be more flexible…”

“Oh, but…”


There are thousand of excuses. Yoga is accessible to everyone! There are numerous yoga postures, more and less advanced, and that can be adapted to the different levels of each one. So, in order for you to do yoga the only thing you need is to want. And just one last note, yoga is a path that goes beyond practicing postures, but this you will discover with time. 😉


My yoga classes for beginners are at Retiro Atlântico or online. 

For more information send me an email to

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