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Our digestion starts in the mouth meaning that it is fundamental to chew food well and mix it properly with saliva.  What you might not know is that success for a good digestion is also associated with food combining. In other words, not all foods should be eaten together.  

Probably you have already heard that watermelon and wine don´t combine well, but there are plenty of other examples, so today I am going to share with you the main rules regarding food combining:

1.Animal protein (e.g., fish, meat, eggs) don´t combine well with grains (e.g., rice, wheat) or high-starch vegetables (e.g., pumpkin, potatoes)

2. Low-starch vegetables (e.g.,broccoli, lettuce) combine with practically anything: protein, grains or high-starch vegetables

3. Fruit is best eaten alone or 30-60 minutes before meals

4. Acid fruits (e.g., oranges, kiwis) combine best with sub-acid fruits (e.g., apples, mangoes)

5. Sweet fruits (e.g., bananas, figs) combine best with sub-acid fruits

6. Acid fruits don´t combine well with sweet fruits

7. Melons and watermelons should be eaten alone


Now that you have learned the main rules is there anything you should change in your diet?


In case you want more support to improve your digestion please contact me at info@natachamoitinho.com .


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