Hello sunshine!

The new year is coming soon! Rather you liked 2016 or not, you have learned many things throughout this year, even if you are not aware of them yet. So, ask yourself the following questions:


  • How is my health?

Have you been feeling any pain, lack of energy or unusual symptoms?


  • Do I have fulfilling relationships?

Do you love and feel loved by your family and friends? Do you wish to come home every day or communication with your partner is now a problem? Did you cut ties with someone?


  • Are my food choices supporting my health and well-being?

Do you pay attention to what you eat and buy in the supermarket? Is sugar, refined grains and other processed foods part of your daily diet? Are your choices only dependent on price, taste and convenience?


  • Do I exercise?

Do you like exercising? Is there any form of exercise included in your daily schedule?


  • Am I happy with my job?

Do you wake up every morning feeling motivated with the day ahead or wishing that the alarm clock had not rang?


  • Do I nurture myself?

Are you always working, working, working with no time for yourself, except when you go to bed?


After this brief self-analysis, and when you hear the midnight bells ringing out the new year, I hope you remember to:

1. Cultivate the habit of listening to your body: disease does not develop overnight

2. Communicate: communication is key in any relationship. We have two ears and one mouth, so please listen!

3. Learn to forgive: everyone makes mistakes and forgive is not forget, but it is key for a happy life

4. Make healthy food choices: avoid sugar, refined grains and other processed food. They might be cheap, “tasty” and convenient, but they don´t support your health. Instead, include more water, fruit, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Oh, and don´t forget to read the labels!

5. Move your body: besides becoming more fit, your general well-being will improve, so find an exercise you like and include it in your daily schedule

6. Love your job: we spend most of our lives working, so it has to be something meaningful! You can either learn to love the job you have, try to find one that you love or even create the job of your dreams!

7. Take time every day for yourself: even if it is just a 5-minute meditation or self-massage, please do something for YOU!


Happy living,



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