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Cancer. Just by hearing this word the body freezes. You probably (used to) know someone with cancer, am I right? After all, thousands of people are affected direcly or indirectly by this disease, a disease that seems to affect people randomly. But it´s not the case.

I would like you to know that our food choices and lifestyle have a profound impact on our health and cancer is no exception. As I previously mentioned less than 10% of all cancers may be attributed to genetics. The problem is that we live so disconnected from our bodies that we don´t realize how our daily choices affect us, as I have written in my book Back to Natural.

I am sick of seeing people suffering, so I decided to write this post hoping that it reaches the ones in need. So today I would like to share with you 6 tips for cancer patients.


3 Tips Food Wise

1. Remove animal protein*: eggs and dairy should be removed from your diet even if they are free range or organic. As it´s important to reduce the amount of fat, the remaining animal protein (meat, fish, sea food) should also be removed. If you want to open an exception then the best option is white fish

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables: they should be the base of your diet and they have protein for sure! The best option is organic fruits and vegetables to avoid toxic fertilizers and pesticides. When no animal protein is consumed then it´s important to supplement with B12. First talk to your doctor to know the right dosage

3. Say bye-bye to sugar: I mean refined sugar that should be removed from your diet. Pay attention to the labels because of hidden sugars.  Honey (raw) and fruit are good sugars


3 Tips Lifestyle Wise

1. Practice exercise: it´s important to practice low intense exercise like walking, rebounding or, for example, something more connected to nature such as weeding

2. Choose toxic-free body care and household products : we can´t control the toxicity levels that surround us and living the sheltered life is not an option. However, we can choose to buy body care and household products more health-friendly.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) database –  Skin Deep – may help you in this. Besides my book, I have also written a couple of articles about this issue that you can read here and here 

3. Change rhythm: it´s key to slow down and the practice of mindfulness can be of great help. Being close to nature may also bring the tranquility and peace of mind that you need


If you want to adopt a healthier diet then my workshop Vegetarian Cuisine – Level 1, next 13th of May, is ideal for you. You are still on time to reserve your spot (you can enroll until next Sunday). Send me a mail to natacha@natachamoitinho.com for info and enrollment.

In case you want a more individualized approach then my holistic health program might be a good option for you.


Nurture yourself,



*CAMPBELL, Colin and CAMPBELL, Thomas (2005). The China Study: startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health. Dallas: BenBella Books



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