Hello sunshine!

When I wake up I want to do whatever is in my power to have a great day, so this week I would like to share a secret. It´s my morning ritual consisted of 5 steps. They are simple and easy to do, but the best part is that they nourish body, mind and soul.

1. Breathe: first thing I do in the morning is the 4-7-8 breath (it is also the last thing I do before sleeping). Why? When I hear the alarm clock I wish I could stay in bed, so this breathing exercise helps me relax.

2. Drink water with lemon: after brushing my teeth I drink a glass of water with lemon. It is good for the liver and also aids digestion*. I then rinse my mouth with water to protect tooth enamel.

3. Exercise: yoga is my choice! I do it for around 20 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less because it depends on the chosen sequence. For example, during the past few weeks I am only doing sun salutations because they have been helpful in aiding my digestion. In fact, yoga has numerous health benefits. Besides aiding digestion, it provides muscular strength and flexibility and it encourages the endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems**. It also clears my mind and lifts my spirit!

4. Eat breakfast: if I had to choose the most important morning step, it is this one.  My work only begins after breakfast. I start by drinking a glass of kefir (made with vegetable milk, such as almond or rice) and then I eat oat porridge to which I add a piece of fruit, as I explain in more detail in my book Back to Natural.

5. Set up goals for the day: there are so many things happening during the day that I can get easily distracted. What happens if I don´t do the most important things? I feel stress and anxiety. Setting up goals for the day helps me prioritize my tasks and stay focused.


Are you ready for a great day?


Nurture yourself,



*POPE, Alexandra (2001). The Wild Genie: The healing power of menstruation. Bedfordshire: Authors OnLine (ed. 2014).

**NAISH, Francesca (1991). Natural Fertility: The complete guide to avoiding or achieving conception. Burra Creek: Sally Milner Publishing (ed. 2012).


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