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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I heard this all my life, but I didn´t always care. If I wake up without appetite then why should I eat, right? Well, from the moment I decided to eat breakfast before leaving home many things changed as I explain in my book Back to Natural. For example:

  • I got more energy
  • My concentration improved
  • I stopped eating junk food in the middle of the morning

So my first advice is this: if breakfast is still not part of your daily routine, try to implement it this week and notice how you feel. However, you are now probably asking yourself “ok, but what should I eat?” I know this can be a challenge if you are interested in eating a healthy breakfast and this is why I now share my top 3 foods to eat for breakfast:



Most breakfast cereals that you can find in the supermarket are not a good option. Why? Because they are full with sugar, even the so-called healthier cereals, such as granola. This is why it is so important to always read the list of ingredients. First look for any type of sugar and then ask yourself the question “do I understand all listed ingredients?” If you don´t, then this is a red flag and I recommend you to avoid this product or to try, at least, to get informed about that specific ingredient you don´t understand and its health effects.

Oats are definitely my #1 choice because they:

  • Are high in fiber
  • Are a good source of magnesium
  • Have a satiating effect
  • Are quick to prepare (in case you make porridge)
  • Can be found anywhere
  • Are cheap

I make my oat porridge with water and a pinch of salt and then to give it a kick I add honey and cinnamon. However, if you don´t like porridge there is always the option of eating oats raw or toasted.

Oats are such a versatile cereal that you can also make your own granola at home! Add to the rolled oats other ingredients that you like such as your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit. Enjoy!


2. Kefir (made with vegetable milk)

As you know I stopped consuming milk some years ago, so now I drink kefir made with homemade almond milk.

As I wrote in a previous post, kefir is a great heath ally because:

  • It is antifungal
  • It aids digestion
  • It supports gut health
  • It strengthens the immune system

If you can´t drink kefir for some reason (for example, you didn´t find anyone who will give it to you or you are not yet ready for it), you can always drink a vegetable milk. In case you can´t make it at home, my two favorite options are unsweetened almond or oat milk (you can then add honey or dates to give some sweetness to it), but again always pay attention to the list of ingredients before buying these milks.

I used to drink rice milk, but then I realized that there is no brand in the market that does not include sunflower oil in the list of ingredients. I am not a fan of this type of oil for three reasons:

  • Most of it is refined
  • It contains other ingredients that make me suspicious (for example, why natural aroma?)
  • It is high in omega-6 fatty acids which are pro-inflammatory

I also don´t recommend consuming soy milk, not only because it is always important to buy organic soy milk to be sure that it is not GMO, but also due to the phytoestrogens (or plant-based estrogens) found in soy because they are endocrine disruptors.


3. Fruit

Fruit and oats are a perfect match! Every morning I eat a piece of fruit together with my oat porridge. I try to vary the fruit I eat, so that I can benefit from different vitamins and minerals, but I always try to give preference to organic, local fruit.

In case you decide to buy conventional fruit it would be better if you peeled it before eating it.

It is also useful to consult the Dirty Dozen list of the Environmental Working Group. It contains the list of fruits and vegetables that have more pesticides.


What about you? Do you eat breakfast? If yes, it would be wonderful if you could share what are your favorite foods!


Nurture yourself,



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