Hello sunshine!

My old car has given me a lot of problems in these last few years. I think it didn´t adapt well to the Azorean weather and lately it “screams for help” in the worst time of the year: summer!

A couple of days ago I left my car in the mechanic, so I had to walk back home. I must admit this didn´t annoy me because I used this opportunity to exercise.

The mechanic is 3 km away from the farm. As I was walking I started realizing that this trip would bring me more than half an hour of exercise. I found myself looking at what surrounds me through different eyes. Eyes that see.

While driving this road I had never realized what surrounds me! Apparently it´s only houses, but as I walked down the road I saw different vegetable gardens and yards. I saw fig trees, custard apple trees and orange trees. I also saw a giant araucaria!

In big cities, people are always so busy in their everyday lives that have no time to pay attention to what´s around them otherwise they will miss the train or will end up arriving late to a meeting. In my case, I was so used to walking fast that sometimes I would do it without any purpose! And, of course, I missed so many things!

Here I slowed down, no doubt about it, but I realized with this trip that my eyes aren´t still wide open, awaken to the beauty that surrounds me. 

What about you? Have you noticed the beauty that is around you? Believe in me, it exists, even in unexpected places.


Open your eyes!


Happy living,



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