Hello sunshine!

When I was little I used to play with woodlice. My mother had a giant plant vase at home, at least that was what it seemed to me, and many of them lived there. My entertainment was to watch these little bugs as they moved around, feed them with lettuce leaves, put them on my hand and see the woodlice curling up into a ball. I could spend hours doing this. They were my friends!

Time passed by. I grew up and moved to another place. Gradually, I started feeling disconnected from my bug friends. In fact, as a teenager I could no longer touch them. They were strangers to me and I just thought: “how could I have ever played with them?” But then something amazing happened last weekend.

I decided to spend a couple of hours on the farm together with my boyfriend, Hugo. I had time to seat down and enjoy the beautiful view that this ocean has to offer, to meditate having the birds as my soundtrack (how I love it!), to weed and to harvest some of my favorite plants such as parsley, coriander, lemon balm and dandelion. As I was weeding I found a woodlouse. What is interesting is that my first reaction was not of disgust . No. In fact, I didn´t see a stranger any longer, but an old friend.  “Thank you for waiting for me”, I thought.

Since I moved to this beautiful place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean I am more in tune with nature and more in tune with myself as well. In fact, the more I am in tune with nature, the more I am in tune with myself and vice-versa.

It doesn´t matter where you were born, how you were raised or where you currently live. Reconnecting with nature opens up new possibilities. We get in touch with a part of ourselves that we guessed it was lost…or that we thought never existed.

Make your best to reconnect.


Happy living,



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