Hello sunshine!

Eating is a pleasure, no doubt about it. However, pleasure should not be the only criteria when choosing what to eat. And why? For example, for someone who grew up eating candies and fast-food, his/her taste is used to artificial flavors and this is what he/she is looking for. Fruit and vegetables will seem, at least at first, uninteresting and he/she will avoid them as much as possible because eating them will seem as a sort of deprivation. But our taste buds can (and should) be taught so they can learn to appreciate natural and authentic flavors. 

Our food choices have a deep impact on our health and well-being. In fact, as I have told before75% of our immune system is located in our gut! But because we grow up disconnected from our body we will only pay attention to her when we start having unpleasant symptoms or when sickness appears.

Our body talks to us every day and gives us signs when something is not right. Do you suffer from constipation? Bloating or excess gas? Acid reflux? Yes, it is easy and convenient to take a pill, but no matter how many you take you will still not be addressing the root cause of your problems: diet. 

“One person´s food is another person´s poison.” In other words, each person is unique, with different dietary needs. The challenge is to understand what is right for you because you are an unique! 

But maybe you are thinking “and general recommendations, are there any?”. To start with, it´s important to:

  1. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables
  2. Reduce the amount of animal protein (we tend to eat it in excess)
  3. Cut out sugar (sucrose)
  4. Substitute refined grains for whole grains (e.g., whole rice, whole pasta)
  5. Choose good quality oils, such as extra virgin olive oil


If you want to make healthy food choices and if you desire to understand the language of your body I can guide you and help you.  In case you are interested and would like more information please contact me at info@natachamoitinho.com .


Nurture yourself,



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