Hello sunshine!

Picture this scenario: Saturday night, dinner with friends and, in the end, a few extra drinks…So what´s next? Sunday´s hangover or “if only I could turn back time.”

Does this ring a bell? If yes, then besides rest and drinking lots of water I suggest a “tea” called ume kudzu,  with only two ingredients besides water:

  • Kudzu: the starch of the root Pueraria lobata with anti-inflammatory properties and a great ally of the digestive system
  • Umeboshi: fermented Japanese plum, liver friendly


Ume Kudzu “Tea”


  • 1 tsp of kudzu
  • 1 cup of water + 3 tsp
  •  1 umeboshi plum



  1. Place the kudzu and three teaspoons of water in a bowl
  2. Mix well until you dissolve the kudzu
  3. Add a cup of water
  4. Bring to heat and stir until the liquid becomes transparent
  5. Pit the plum and add its mashed flesh
  6. Turn the heat all the way down and wait around three minures to be ready


You can find these items in health food stores.


Nurture yourself,



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