Hello sunshine!

Sometimes I see myself wondering how my day would be like if it had more than 24 hours, so I could do everything I needed. What about you? Do you save any time of the day to yourself?

In the middle of our daily duties and commitments taking a break is so needed. I could name this break “meditation”, but I am not going to. Many people are resistant to meditation because they think it requires a lot of effort and dedication.

So what´s my advice? Take a 5-minute break, at least once a day. To do this you just need to seat down (or lay down), close your eyes and choose one of these 5-minute breaks: 

1.Listen to the sounds that surround you: in my case, I like to pay attention to the sound of birds, wind, a cock singing…It´s simply wonderful taking this break in the middle of the nature! And don´t worry if an uninvited thought comes up. Accept it, let it go and focus again on the sounds that surround you.

2.Awaken your abdominal breathing: breathe in through the nose moving your belly (and not the chest) forward like it was a balloon and breathe out slowly through the mouth emptying the belly. If you want to become more mindful, when you breathe out say in silence the word “one.”

3.Repeat a powerful affirmation: for example, silently repeat “I am enough. I have enough.I do enough.“.

4.Send love to yourself and to others: for example, start by silently saying “I love you so much, [your name]” and then remember others you want to send your love to whether they are family members, friends, people you know or who you don´t know, someone you don´t empathize.

5.Listen to a calm and relaxing recording: if you go to Youtube you may find many options only with sounds/music or also with inspiring thoughts.


Since I started including these breaks in my daily life I started feeling:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Less fatigue
  • Fewer headaches (actually, with all the changes I have made in my lifestyle I can say that I no longer have headaches)
  • Happier!

In my book Back to Natural you may find more information about this subject. You can also schedule a session with me if you prefer. In case you are interested, please send me a mail to info@natachamoitinho.com.


Nurture yourself,




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