Hello sunshine!

I love fruit! Actually, I can´t spend a day without it. Fruit is a must in my breakfast, but I also like eating it as a snack. Actually, my favorite “sweet” is a fresh piece of fruit. Surprised? It is the truth! My taste buds don´t crave cookies, cakes or pies, but fruit. For example, one of my day´s highlights is to eat a cherimoya (from our cherimoya tree) at the end of the afternoon. It is such a simple pleasure, but I feel so happy!

Fruit, contrary to sugar sweets, is such a nutritional food full with vitamins, minerals and fiber.  But a piece of fruit is more than the sum of its parts, so I always like to eat different varieties.

Brazil is one of the countries in the world where you can find the most variety of fruit. I don´t live in Brazil, but I am a lucky woman. On the farm we have many different fruit trees thanks to my boyfriend, Hugo. He is (how can I explain)…oh well, a botanical nerd. Hugo is always introducing me to fruits that he finds during his research, many with crazy names, strange shapes and unexpected smells.

Have you ever heard about jujube? It is also called Chinese date. When jujube is fresh it is crunchy like an apple, but when it is dry it is similar to a date.

What about dragon fruit? It belongs to the cactus family. The dragon fruit´s flesh is similar to a kiwi and it has a tropical fruity taste.

And durian? Its stinky feet smell can discourage a potential eater, but durian is considered the king of fruits and many love it!

Some fruits need a warm climate to thrive (like the ones I just mentioned) while others want cold to hibernate, such as apples, peaches and cherries. And then there are fruits that can be called subtropical because some of them can thrive in temperate areas, as is the case of cherimoyas, avocados and mangoes.

It seems that with the variety of fruits in the world it would be possible to eat a different one every day! Can you imagine this? We are so used to seeing the same fruits in the supermarket, such as apples, oranges and bananas, that we don´t realize the other amazing fruits that exist out there!

I am not saying for you to stop eating the fruits you grew up with. For me local fruits are always the best option, but it doesn´t mean you can´t try others. Maybe you can even find different varieties of fruits where you live!

So, are you ready to try a different fruit this week?


Nurture yourself,



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