Hello sunshine!

I know that with your busy life, home cooking seems to be something impossible. What are the options available? You can go to a:

  • Takeout place
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket to buy microwave food or something similar

Cooking was never my passion, I must admit. Actually, in my book Back to Natural I told you that I didn´t like cooking, so you might think it is a little bit strange that now I am writing a post about the benefits of home cooking. What happened? I came to the conclusion that if I care about what I eat (and advice other people about it), then there was something missing in my life: cooking. This is not about “how I became a Masterchef”. It is about preparing healthy and tasty meals without spending much time in the kitchen. So, why is home cooking so important?


1. Home cooking is about love

When you prepare a meal at home, a meal that will nourish you and your family, there is one special ingredient present. You can´t buy it in the supermarket and it is called love!


2. Home cooking is about choice

At home, you are the one in charge! You choose the ingredients you want to use as well as the cookware and the method of cooking.


3. Home cooking is about health

You can select high quality ingredients (e.g., organic, local, seasonal, whole, unprocessed, without sugar), avoid using non-stick cookware and microwaves, as I explain in my book. In fact, we don´t know so many things about the food we are eating! For example, do you understand food labels? Have you ever thought about the oils that are used (and reused) to prepare your food? Did you know that many Chinese restaurants use a flavor enhancer in their dishes called MSG (monosodium glutamate)? In China it is a common practice (I learned about this when I lived there), but they also use it here. So if I go to a Chinese restaurant (which is rare), I ask for no MSG. Besides not needing a flavor enhancer in my food, it causes me migraines and stomach discomfort.


4. Home cooking is about staying fit

At home you can eat as healthy as you want with the plus that you can also control the portion sizes. If you are worried about your weight, start cooking at home!


5. Home cooking is about connection

There is a special atmosphere at home when someone is cooking: the movement in the kitchen, the amazing smell … The senses wake up and everybody gather around the table. A meal is about to be shared. A meal made with love.


Nurture yourself,




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